Marshall Camera

UX Strategy, Frontend Development, & Optimization


As a masterful storyteller, his passion is to create beautiful, emotional, and memorable wedding films while traveling to beautiful and far off locations, so I teamed up with Thomas Aucott to create a more responsive, professional site to reach a larger, more specific audience.

Customers Wanted





After working as a second shooter and editor in two of Larry's films, I had a first-hand experience of who his clients were, what they wanted, and why the wanted it, but Thomas and I agreed to continue with conducting user and competition research.

Design Collaboration

Striving to design a user-proven site, Thomas, acting as lead designer, spent three weeks building and tweaking the design, while I found, organized, and conducted usability tests on completed sections. Our process was a constant iteration of test, synthesize, make changes, repeat.


I focused primarily on creating an intuitive, fast, and responsive mobile experience to meet the need of over 50% of the population who uses the internet on their mobile devices and to rank higher in Google's SEO algorithm.


Using GitLab Pages, the project was updated weekly to allow for real-time, live viewing upon any device. At time of public release, the site was already live and ready to be released.

What I Learned

Sometimes you'll have what you think is a fantastic idea and being exited, you'll implement it. Unfortunately, there's a higher chance it will fail than succeed, becuase you didn't test or validate whether your users needed it. All ideas, big and small, should have the backing of your users.


You should never stop talking to your users. To prove my point, I ran four usability tests which raised a total of seventy-one different design considerations.

What next?

If you have a project similar to this or would like to work with me, send me an email!